Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Vehicles for sale

Need a pickup, a flail mower, or possibly a lightly used fire truck?
Cramahe Township has them for sale.

All three items have been replaced and will be sold by tender. The truck is a 1995 Chev 4WD one-ton. The fire truck is the 26-year-old pumper which will be taken out of service when the township’s new truck arrives in a matter of weeks. It has a mere 34,000 km but it has little value due to its age.

The vehicles will be advertised with the highest bidders taking home the prizes.

Council was set to advertise for only the mower and pickup, because the pumper is not available. The replacement pumper is in Brampton and will arrive soon. Councillor Tim Gilligan suggested the municipality put them all in the ad. Potential buyers will have longer to think about it.
Councillor Pat Westrope wondered about the suggestion made a few weeks ago that the Works Department  keep the pumper and adapt it.
Works Department Director, Barry Thrasher said they had rejected the idea.  The tank on the pumper is only 600 gallons and the single-axle pumper is not designed to hold more. The current tanker owned by the township holds 2,000 gallons.


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