Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Timmy's finally gets land

After many delays, Tim Horton's finally owns the Beaudry property south of the Ultramar on Percy Street in Cramahe.

Ken Beaudry informed Cramahe Now on July 27 that the deal, which had been in the works for over a year, had finally closed on July 22. Mr. Beaudry did not elaborate about what forced his family to extend the deadline with the company, but the township still had to approve a site plan this spring. It did not choose the company for the construction of the watermains to serve the property until May 19 and the site plan was approved by council on June 16.

Tim Horton's officials told Mr. Beaudry they would not move forward on the deal until all the approvals hade been completed.

With the change of ownership, Tim Horton's can now begin construction on the building they planned to have up by December, 2009.

Construction began last week on the $59,735 watermain which runs down from Purdy Rd. to the new restaurant. Council agreed to pay $44,735 of the cost. It is expected that one day, the main will be extended down Percy Street and join with the existing line which services Colborne to the south.

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